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Particle Physics

portrait de Gopolang Mohlabeng

Gopolang Mohlabeng (he/him)

Career Profiles

Assistant Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics

I do research on the smallest building blocks of life and how they affect our entire universe.
Beamline Assembly at TRIUMF

Exploring Canada’s Particle Accelerators

STEM Explained

Particle accelerators have amazing applications - from growing food to making airplanes safe.

Cartoon Higgs boson particle (lineartestpilot, iStockphoto)

Why Care About the Higgs Boson?

STEM Explained

Physicists are a bit like chefs, except they’re trying to figure out the recipe for the universe.

Melissa Valdez at CERN

Antimatter and Why It Matters to Me

STEM Explained

Melissa Valdez talks about her exciting work on antimatter at CERN when she was a graduate student at York University.

Artist’s interpretation of astronaut in space

What are the Different Types of Radiation?


Learn about the different types of radiation, how they interact with atoms and how they can affect you.

Radiation shielding garment on the International Space Station

Radiation and Human Space Exploration

STEM Explained

One of the greatest hazards that humans in space face is cosmic radiation. Learn what cosmic radiation is, why it's dangerous, and ways that we are looking at protecting humans in deep space.