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Water Cycle

The three RADARSAT Constellation Mission spacecraft

7 ways Satellites Help Fight Climate Change

Discover 7 ways satellite Earth observation helps fight climate change.

Jean Paquin outside

Jean Paquin

Water Resources Analyst Engineer at Rio Tinto

Jean Paquin is a Water Resources Analyst Engineer at Rio Tinto.
Magnified image of a ringwoodite crystal

Ringwoodite and the Deep Water Cycle

The water in the oceans has travelled vast distances. It has even time spent deep below the surface of the Earth, trapped inside the mineral ringwoodite.

Why is rain not salty?

Why is rain not salty?

Make a model of the water cycle and find out how water moves around on planet Earth.


The Water Cycle

1 diagram illustrating the water cycle

Condensation on the window of the Apollo 12 Lunar Module, November 1969

Humidity on Earth and on the ISS

Humidity is an important part of life on Earth and life in space. This backgrounder explains what humidity is, how it is measured and how it affects us both mentally and physically.