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Building Tools

Students in a makerspace

Makerspaces for Educators

A makerspace is a collaborative space where anyone can create, tinker, invent and learn by making.

Circular Saw

Tools: Power

10 images of some tools such as belt sanders and table saws that use an electric motor rather than requiring manual labour

Assorted Wrenches

Tools: Hand

16 images of some tools such as hammers, saws and drills that are operated by hand and do not require electricity

Wood Screw

Simple Machines: Screws

5 images of some objects such as corkscrews that have a mechanism of an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder to create movement

Measuring Flooring

Careers: Construction Worker

6 images of different types of work that someone involved in construction might do

Apprentice Plumber At Construction Site

Buildings: Construction Site

10 images of buildings in various stages of construction, some equipment being used and some people who work on construction sites