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Wind turbine and electrical cord

Generating Electricity: Wind Power

Learn how moving air can be used to generate electricity.

Hut on a tiny island

How can we build a structure that protects toy people from wind?

Design and build a structure that protects toy people from the wind.

Windy hillside

Weather: Wind

Learn what causes wind and how to measure it.

Birthday cake


Learn about the branch of mathematics that helps us predict what might happen known as probability.

Smoke from a crop-duster shows wake turbulence

What is Air Turbulence?

Learn about the science behind the four main causes of turbulence.

dangerous tornado approaching wind turbine

What is a Tornado?

Tornadoes are a common extreme weather phenomenon in Canada. How are they formed? How can you stay safe? And what is a storm chaser?


Weather: Conditions

11 images that illustrate some daily weather conditions such as cold, hot and windy

Weather Vane

Tools: Weather Instruments

15 images of various instruments such as rain gauges, wind vanes and weather satellites used to inform us about the weather