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Employability Skills

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Developing Successful Work Habits

Students will learn about work habits that can help them succeed in any career.

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Demonstrating Skills in Technological Careers

Students will learn and demonstrate skills required in a career of interest.

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Careers of the Future

Students will learn about potential careers of the future and create their own job description.

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Query a Career Profile

Students will explore career profiles and relate them to what they are learning in science class.

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STEM Skills and Self-Exploration

Students learn how the STEM skills that they develop in class apply to future career options. 

Career sector representatives

Exploring Career Sectors and Skills

Students will explore STEM career sectors and the skills required for a variety of STEM careers.

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How Does STEM Support Non-STEM Careers?

Students will explore how STEM skills are needed in non-STEM careers.

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Global Competency Skills Inventory

Students will take inventory of their Global Competency skills, reflect on their strengths, and set next steps for mastery of these skills.

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Communication is Key

Through hands-on activities, students will distinguish how social and work situations require both verbal and non-verbal means of communication.

The Role of Personal Skills and Interests

The Role of Personal Skills and Interests

Students will further develop their understanding and appreciation of the importance of personal interests, skills, achievements as well as previous job skills and experiences to the career development process.

What influences our career choices?

What Influences our Career Choices?

Students will develop the understanding that there are many things that influence a person’s career choice.

Your Personality and the Workplace

Your Personality and the Workplace

Students recognize the importance of the connection between life choices and their personal characteristics. Students will make connections between who they are now, the people they wish to become (their future selves), and their connections with work.

What skills do I need for the workplace?

What Skills do I Need for the Workplace?

Students will deepen their understanding of the concept of employability skills. Students will develop an awareness of opportunities available for those who have well-developed employability skills.

The Skills Employers Look For

The Skills Employers Look For

Students will identify the skills that employers look for in potential employees.
Students will recognize that they have skills and abilities that align with employer needs.
Students will make personal connection between their interests and current skills with the person in the career profile.

What are your Employability Skills?

What are Your Employability Skills?

Students will identify employability skills in which they are strong and those that need work, create an Employability Skills Profile and develop plans to improve their employability skills.