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Teacher and student looking at water sample

Celebrate the Earth with Let’s Talk Science


Celebrate the Earth with Let’s Talk Science! Explore some fun, free, low prep, and easy-to-implement K–12 STEM programming and resources for your classrooms. Discover our Clothing4Climate project that encourages youth in Grades 7 to 12 to learn about the science behind climate change and the impact our clothing system has on the environment. The session will also highlight new and upcoming events for students and educators, certified Learning Pathways, and career and curriculum-aligned STEM resources and lesson plans that are readily accessible on our website.

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Creating Disability-Inclusive Science Learning Environments

Did you know that the journey to strengthening the connection between students with disabilities and science begins with self-awareness? Join us for a synchronous, virtual workshop to explore opportunities arising when we uncover the roots of our positioning around disability and science education.
Plant with lightbulb outline

Approaching Tough Topics: Empowering Youth for Climate Action

Discussing an overwhelming topic like climate change can bring out many emotions. How can we ensure that conversations about climate change include empowering youth and contributing to climate action in their communities?
2 children in the forest

Uncover Problem Solving Through Outdoor Play


Children love to play outside in the natural environment. By utilizing the natural inclinations of young children to explore and by encouraging problem-solving skills, educators can move students’ thinking forward. It’s even easier than you might think to invite your youngest learners to join you as inventors and problem-solvers and jump into the world of computational thinking while playing outside and interacting with the world around them!

Alec Couros

Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in Teaching and Learning

Join Dr. Alec Couros as he explores the potential and implications of using generative AI, such as ChatGPT, in teaching & learning.
Stem cells

StemCellTalks Calgary

Join the StemCellTalks Calgary team for a full-day and highly interactive symposium that will focus on the facts, the fiction, and the future of stem cells. Make sure to register by April 21st!
Gordie Howe International Bridge: Fluor Project Between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario

Build a Paper Bridge

Build and test a bridge made out of nothing but paper!