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Rover on the Moon

Can you design a rover that can survive on the moon?

Design a lunar rover that can survive in the moon’s extreme environment.

Glowing blue padlock among lines of binary code

How can you protect your personal information?

Protect your personal information with different types of encryption.

Geologists with seismograph

How can you build your own seismograph?

Build your own seismograph using common household materials.

SIlhouette of a figure examining stars with a telescope

How could you build a refracting telescope using water as the lenses?

Build your own refracting telescope using glasses of water as the lenses.

Bee on flower

Can you artificially pollinate a flower?

Design and build an artificial pollinator.

Car-shaped lake in a vast green forest

Can you design a sustainable vehicle?

Design a transportation vehicle which can be made or powered sustainably.

man on moon

Lunar Rover Research Challenge

This competition-based space project will challenge students to design a lunar rover research mission.

Student colouring a mandala

Math & Mandalas

In this lesson, students explore the connection between arts, math and mindfulness as they create mandalas.

A Virtual Career Fair

A Virtual Career Fair

Students will learn about various careers, and career pathways, through their review of various career profiles.
Students will continue to develop their understanding of the importance of STEM courses/programs for future career pathways.

Exploring Occupational Clusters

Exploring Occupational Clusters

Students will recognize the variety of careers available in each occupational cluster.
Students will recognize that many of these careers require or benefit from a background in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
Students will make personal connections between their interests and current skills to the people profiled.

Learning About Educational Pathways

Learning About Educational Pathways

Students will be aware of and understand the importance of, various learning pathways that lead to successful life and work experiences.
Students will become aware of the variety of STEM careers available in each of these different learning pathways.

Exploring Career Types

Exploring Career Types

Students will recognize that there are many different ways to earn a living and that a ‘career’ does not necessarily have to be a 9 to 5 arrangement.
Students will recognize that different career types and job arrangements have their own positive and negative aspects.

Making Informed Career Choices

Making Informed Career Choices

Students will learn that possessing the right kind of information is important for making an informed career decision as well as for future career success and stability.

Creating Your Career Documentary

Creating Your Career Documentary

Students will engage in a ‘forward thinking’ exercise. This exercise addresses the following: what they want from life, the skills and abilities they have now that are useful for future career decisions, the skills and abilities they will need to develop, and how they are going to connect who they are with who they want to be and what they want to do.