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History & World Studies

Brittany Tyler headshot

Brittany Tyler (she/her)

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Officer

I negotiate and implement Canada's nuclear non-proliferation import and export policy.

Strange Shapes in the Sky: Stealth and Flying Wings

Learn about how and why engineers designed and built some very unique aircraft.

Student colouring a mandala

Math & Mandalas

In this lesson, students explore the connection between arts, math and mindfulness as they create mandalas.

Hot air balloons at dawn

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Learn about history and workings of lighter than air vehicles.

B-58 Hustler in flight

Testing for Aviation Safety

Learn about some of the ways that aircraft and spacecraft are tested.

Scale aircraft in a wind tunnel

Pre-flight Testing

Learn about some of the ways Aerospace engineers test new designs.

Otto Lilienthal's flying machine

A History of How Humans Learned to Fly

Learn how aviation pioneers from the world learned how to make humans fly!

Periodic Table with molecular model

Introduction to the Periodic Table of the Elements

Learn about the elements of the periodic table and how they are organized.

S. Karly Kehoe

S. Karly Kehoe

Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Communities

Karly is a university professor who uses history to study how the past affects community development and sustainable development today.
Cloud model of an atom

Introduction to the Atom

Learn about the parts of an atom and its history.

Ruth Bradley-St Cyr faisant des recherches à la bibliothèque

Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr

Independent Researcher & Part-time Professor

Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr is an Independent Researcher & Part-time Professor for the University of Ottawa.
Abigail MacEachern head shot

Abigail MacEachern

Construction Design Manager

Abigail MacEachern is a Design Manager for Pomerleau, located in Nova Scotia.
Screen capture from video "The Wacky History of Cell Theory”

The Wacky History of Cell Theory

It took several scientists building on each other’s discoveries to come up with Cell Theory - one of the cornerstones of biology.

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Zoetropes are an early form of animation technology. Learn about this Ingenium artifact and make your own version of this artifact using 3D printing!

Cartoon woman on a surfboard

The Physics of Surfing

Learn about the history of surfboards, and how different materials and designs over the years affected the physics at work in surfing.