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Caroline Richard - Engineer in the mining industry

Caroline Richard

Geotechnical Engineer

I work in the mining industry and manage the waste materials created during ore extraction.
Ilias Hader

Ilias Hader (he/him)

Artificial Intelligence Consultant & Team Leader

I help companies take advantage of AI technologies and I manage a team to build an automated food production system for long space missions. 
Red soil on the surface of Mars

Soil on Mars

Learn how soil is different on Mars than on Earth, and what that means for growing plants on the red planet.

Hands holding soil and a small plant

The Dirt on Soil Conservation

If I asked you to name a few things that all life on the planet couldn’t live without you could probably come up with some good answers, but I bet you’d never think to say dirt.

Measuring Slope Of Soil

Careers: Soil Scientist

5 images some work that a scientist who studies the Earth's soil might do such as classifying types of soil and measuring the slope of soil

Landscaper Planting

Careers: Landscaper

5 images of some work that landscapers might do such as planning, planting and maintaining gardens


Careers: Horticulturalist

5 images of some work that horticulturalists might do such as cultivating and caring for plants in various environments

Scoop of potting soil

What is Soil?

Learn about soil, soil texture and the various layers of soil.

What makes soil hard and compacted?

What makes soil hard and compacted?

Explore how walking on soil changes how water soaks into the ground and why that matters to gardeners and farmers.

hand holding soil

What is Inside Soil?

Students develop and apply observing and comparing & contrasting skills as they explore the composition and characteristics of different soils.

Wooden sieves

Design & Build a Soil Sifter

Students will work collaboratively to design and build a soil sifter that separates soil into three sizes of particles.

Feeding The Cows

Careers: Farmer

5 images of some work that farmers do such as feeding cows, planting fields and harvesting grain