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Alternative energy

Sombto Ibe

Somto Ibe

Engineer, Renewable Energy

Somto Ibe is responsible for ensuring that wind turbines and solar panels operate safely.
Image of a river running through a Boreal forest

Resources on the Environment

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to the environment.

Joel Stacey au travail sur un toit

Joel Stacey

Construction Superintendent

Joel Stacey is a Construction Superintendent for Solvest Inc.
Algae floating on a pond

Algae Biofuel: Can Pond Scum Power the Planet?

Learn about the potential of algae as a material for making biofuel.

Bird near a wind farm

How do Wind Farms Affect Birds and Bats?

Wind energy generates a lot of electricity in Canada. But wind turbines can be dangerous for wildlife.

orn ethanol plant next to corn field

How is Ethanol Made?

Ethanol is a biofuel that can power a car. Learn about the enzymes, catalysts and processes like fermentation involved in ethanol production.

What uses electricity?

What uses electricity?

Take a tour of different rooms in your home. Which items in each room use electricity? How do you know they use electricity?

illustration of a hydrogen car

The History and Uses of Hydrogen

Hydrogen’s tendency towards combustion is what makes it both a dangerous chemical element and a useful energy source.

Wind turbines with energy storage system

Can You Store Electricity for Later?

Sometimes, power plants make too much electricity. Energy storage technologies can help! They store the extra electricity and release it when demand goes up.

A biodiesel filling station

Biofuels: An Alternative Energy Source

Biofuels are a renewable energy resource that can often substitute for fossil fuels. Why are biofuels promising, and why aren’t we using more of them?

Birds flying near a wind farm

Are wind farms a threat to wildlife?

Wind power is a growing source of electricity generation. But wind projects often affect local wildlife populations, and researchers are using environmental monitoring techniques to alleviate some of these impacts.