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Earth, Moon, Sun

Lunar eclipse

The Earth Moon System

Answers to some common questions about Earth’s Moon.

Daedulus crater on the Moon

Impact Craters

Learn about how craters are formed and about some of Canada's impact craters.

man on moon

Lunar Rover Research Challenge

This competition-based space project will challenge students to design a lunar rover research mission.

Peter Visscher devant un tableau blanc

Peter Visscher

Robotic Vehicle Development, General Manager

I work with my team to develop extreme robotic vehicles designed to operate off-road and off-planet.
Astronauts from the Apollo Mission landing on the moon.

Let's Talk Lunar Resources

Discover some background information on how we'll learn to live and work on the Moon - and beyond!

Sunset over the ocean

Cycle of Day and Night

Students explore the cycle of day and night by sorting and classifying pictures, creating images and reading books.

Tree through the four seasons

Why do we have seasons?

Learn why seasons change. Discover how they’re different in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

ChaoticMind75 - iStock

Why is it colder in the winter even though the Earth is closer to the Sun?

Learn why we have seasons in this hands on activity.

The planet Mars

What is your weight on another planet?

Do you weigh the same on Jupiter as you do on Earth? Learn to calculate your weight on a different planet.

Wall of clocks

Universal Coordinated Time

Today, you know it's the same time everywhere in your time zone thanks to Universal Coordinated Time. But when humans used the Sun to tell time, they couldn’t tell time precisely.

Full moon

Moon: Phases

8 images of different lunar phases showing the portion of the Moon lit by the Sun as the Moon orbits the Earth and as seen by us on Earth

Cartoon aircraft in flight

Cosmic Radiation and Aviation

Learn how people came to understand the source of cosmic radiation, as well as how this radiation impacts those who work in and travel on airplanes.

Jan Cami | Astrophysicien

Jan Cami

Associate Professor, Astronomy

Jan Cami is an associate professor of Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario.