Question filter
Question Filter is a strategy that is used to assist students in developing the skills of questioning, sorting & classifying and analyzing & interpreting in order to develop their understanding of the characteristics of objects, places and events.
Exit Slip Learning Strategy
This is an individual learning strategy which encourages student reflection about content learning through reading or viewing. Exit Slips are completed as a follow-up to a reading or viewing activity and can be used as a ‘ticket’ to exit the class.
Admit Slip Learning Strategy
This is an individual learning strategy which is used to help students access prior knowledge and introduce a new topic by completing a type of ‘ticket’ which admits them to class.
Key Concept Explorations
Key Concept Explorations are used to help students learn and then to reinforce their understanding of key concepts. Students demonstrate their understanding of a concept in a variety of ways ( e.g., orally and/or in writing, in pictures, through graphic organizers, by using their understanding in inquiries and design & builds) but a demonstration of true understanding comes when a student can apply the conceptual learning in new and varied contexts to support further learning.
Inquiry Journal
The Inquiry Journal provides students with a basic framework in which to record their Inquiries. Students record their wonderings/questions, their predictions, the steps in their inquiry, and their observations and conclusions. Students are also encouraged to ask further questions that arise from their discoveries and can lead to further inquiries.