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What is an Insect?

The What is an Insect? e-book explores the amazing world of insects while showing the characteristics and diversity of insects.



10 images of some cold-blooded vertebrates such as snakes, lizards and alligators typically having dry, scaly skin

Fennel Seeds

Plants: Seeds

6 images of some seeds which are the fertilized part of a plant used for germinating new plants such as fennel, kiwis and pumpkins


Plants: Parts

12 images of some major parts of plants such as stems, roots, flowers and leaves


Plants: Needs

8 images representing some of the needs of plants for healthy growth such as water, nutrients and light

Early Stages Of Plant Growth

Plants: Growth

10 images showing some stages of plant growth from planting to sprouts growing to harvesting

Seed Germinating

Plants: Germination

6 images of some seedlings sprouting as one of the stages towards full plant growth

Boreal Forest

Plants: Biomes

9 images of plants in some large naturally occuring habitats called biomes such as tundra, grasslands and boreal forests

Barbary Macaque Monkeys [Infants]

Mammals: Primates

6 images of some mammals classified as primates such as monkeys, apes and humans and characterized by nails on their hands and feet


Mammals: Omnivores

10 images of some warm-blooded vertebrate animals such as brown bears and chimpanzees that eat a diet of plants and animals

Head of an Elk

Mammals: Herbivores

15 images of some warm-blooded vertebrate animals such as cows, deer and giraffes that eat plant vegetation


Mammals: Carnivores

14 images of warm-blooded vertebrate animals such as cats, polar bears and wolves that eat meat and other animal tissue


Invertebrates: Marine

8 images of some invertebrate animals such as sea anemones, coral and jellyfish that live in a marine environment

Swallowtail butterfly

Insects: Part 2

10 images of some animals that have 6 legs and 3 main body parts consisting of a head, thorax and abdomen.