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Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe headshot

Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Chartered Financial Analyst

I help small companies grow their business and succeed in the marketplace.
Edwin Makkinga

Edwin Makkinga

Manager, Climate Policy

In my job I consider the risks and opportunities from climate-related public policy and how Enbridge can be part of the solution to the climate crisis.
Bill Butler

Bill Butler

Business Owner

My company installs oil filtration systems on all types of diesel engines.
Anthony Mantione

Anthony Mantione

Senior Economist

I work to improve the availability and accessibility of information to help Canadians make informed decisions about their careers.
Patrick Walsh | Opérateur de flotte

Patrick Walsh

Fleet Operator

Patrick Walsh is a Fleet Operator for Fednav Limited, located in Ontario.
Iker Martin | Responsable du développement de nouveaux produits

Iker Martin

New Product Development Lead

Iker Martin is the New Product Development Lead for Amgen.
Sandra Sproule | Comptable professionnelle agréée (CA) chez ExxonMobil Canada

Sandra Sproule

Chartered Professional Accountant

Sandra Sproule is a Chartered Professional Accountant at ExxonMobil Canada.