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Visual Arts

Portrait de Devon Hardy

Devon Hardy (she/her/elle)

Program Director

I run a non-profit program that supports environmental sustainability in the arts.
Samantha Yammine

Samantha Yammine (she/her)

Science Communicator

I create and share engaging science content on social media.
Jacob Waldbillig photo de remise des diplômes

Jacob Waldbillig

Architectural Technologist

Jacob Waldbillig is an Architectural Technologist for IBI Group.
Christina Rosché

Christina Rosché


Christina Rosché is a Self-Employed Artist, located in Quebec.
Kelsie Butter

Kelsie Lee (She/Her)

Motion and Visual Effects Designer

Kelsie uses her Motion Graphics Design skills to create content for The Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club.
Rebecca Pilon | Coloriste d’arrière-plans

Rebecca Pilon

Background Artist

Rebecca Pilon is a Background Artist for Mercury Filmworks.
Photo de Dino Pulerà observant un crâne animal

Dino Pulerà

Scientific and Medical Illustrator, Art Director

Dino Pulerà is a Scientific and Medical Illustrator and Art Director for Artery Studios.
Kaylyn Roloson - Metal Fabricator/Welder

Kaylyn Roloson (Video)

Metal Fabricator/Welder

Kaylyn Roloson is a Metal Fabricator/Welder, located in Ontario.
Kaylyn Roloson | Transformatrice de métaux

Kaylyn Roloson

Metal Fabricator

Kaylyn Roloson is a Metal Fabricator for Walters Group Inc.
Maya Bankovic | Cinéaste

Maya Bankovic


Maya Bankovic is a Cinematographer in Toronto, Ontario.
Laynie Perry | Conceptrice de contenu

Laynie Perry

Content Designer

Laynie Perry is the Content Designer for Moncur Associates Branding Agency.
Tegan Mierle | Conceptrice de produits, Sense Talent Labs

Tegan Mierle

Product Designer

Tegan Mierle is a Product Designer at Sense Talent Labs.
Shelley Sandiford | Fondatrice, Sciconic Science Media

Shelley Sandiford


Shelley Sandiford is the Founder of Sciconic Science Media.
Becki Peckham | Graphic Graphiste et photographe, Bold Creative

Becki Peckham

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Becki Peckham is a graphic designer and photographer at Bold Creative.