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Big Data

Allison Guitor in her lab at McMaster University.

Allison Guitor

Researcher - Antibiotic Resistance

I study antibiotic resistance, which is what makes bacteria able to live in the presence of antibiotics.
Robot thinking about a problem

What is Machine Learning?

Discover how computers can learn and find out about the three types of machine learning.

Screen shot from Solutioneers episode 8

The Solutioneers Week 8: Statistical Analysis

This week's episodes and hands-on activity explore Statistical Analysis.

Tania George

Tania George

Team Lead, Clinical Data Management

Tania George is the Team Lead of Clinical Data Management for Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche Canada).
Soneeka Patel | Responsable des comptes stratégiques, Google

Soneeka Patel

Strategic Account Manager

Soneeka Patel is a Strategic Account Manager for Google.
Jason Dunkel | Analyste principal, Google

Jason Dunkel

Analytical Lead

Jason Dunkel is an analytical lead at Google in Ontario.
Amelia Antrim | Ingénieure logiciel pour Google

Amelia Antrim

Software Engineering

Amelia Antrim is a software engineer at Google, with a focus on system design and production process.
Nicole Sokira | Spécialiste en intégrité des marchés

Nicole Sokira

Market Integrity Specialist

Nicole Sokira is a Market Integrity Specialist for SAP.
Amel Badaoui | Experte en infonuagique

Amel Badaoui

Cloud Expert

Amel Badoui is a cloud expert (Cloud IT Technology) at SAP Hybris.
Anais Kassardjian | Webmestre indépendante

Anais Kassardjian

Freelance Webmaster

Anais Kassardjian is a freelance webmaster (website updating/publishing) with CloudRaker.
Johann Lau | Directeur de produits, Google

Johann Lau

Product Manager

Johann Lau us a product manager at Google in Seattle, Washington.
Larisa Morier | Monsanto Canada

Larisa Morier

Technology Development Data Manager

Larisa Morier is a Technology Development Data Manager for Monsanto Canada.
Marc Fiume | PDG de DNAstack

Marc Fiume


Marc Fiume is the CEO of DNAstack, a software that manages genomic data.