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National Office Lending Library Kit

Biology Volunteer Activities

Animal Adaptations

Students have the opportunity explore different ways that animals insulate themselves to stay warm in winter by testing different insulating materials in ice cold water (e.g., fur, cotton balls, foil, thermal sock, etc.).

Biology Volunteer Activities

Bird's Nest

Students read a book about nests and then build their own bird's nest.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Dynamic Dinos: Paper Bag Puppets and Cookie Mining

Students learn about dinosaurs with paper bag puppets and a fossil extraction activity using cookies.

Biology Volunteer Activities

Skeletal System

Learn about the skeletal system and how it applies to movement and our bones.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Driving Towards the Future - Virtual

Participants will be introduced to coding and will give instructions to program a car.

Chemistry Volunteer Activities

Matter Matters - Virtual

Students will learn about the different states of matter and their properties and explore characteristics of liquids with a focus on density.

Information Technology Volunteer Activities

Driving Towards the Future

Students will learn about the current topic of self-driving cars and use it as a platform to learn about the big ideas behind computational thinking.

Earth & Environmental Science Volunteer Activities

Hydration Nation - Virtual

This workshop explores water quality and the importance of healthy water systems.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Playful Machines - Virtual

Students will explore and build examples of simple machines that are found on a playground.

Physics Volunteer Activities

Bright Lights, Big Science - Virtual

Students will learn about light and how reflection and refraction work.

Volunteer Activity - Budding Biologists - Virtual

Budding Biologists - Virtual

Learn about the requirements for life, adaptations, habitats, and conservation.