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Khashayar Farzam headshot

Khashayar Farzam (he/him)

Emergency Medicine Doctor

As an ER doctor, I take care of any patient who comes through the hospital door for literally anything!
Janessa Roy

Janessa Roy

Aromatherapist & Teacher

Janessa Roy is an Aromatherapist & Teacher, located in Manitoba.
Michael Ryerson participe à une course sur route

Michael Ryerson

Registered Massage Therapist

Michael Ryerson is a Registered Massage Therapist at Ryerson Massage Therapy.
Joanne Freeze

Joanne Freeze

Dental Hygienist

Joanne Freeze is a Dental Hygienist for Dr. Paul Chase and Associates.
Vue par la fenêtre prise par Michael Tofani

Michael Tofani

Registered Practical Nurse

Michael Tofani is a Registered Practical Nurse for Bridgepoint Active Healthcare.
Photo de Gwen Healey Akearok avec les cils givrés par le froid

Gwen Healey Akearok

Executive and Scientific Director

Gwen Healey Akearok is the Executive and Scientific Director of the Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre.
Young girl brushing her teeth

Personal Hygiene: Caring for Our Teeth

Information about cavities, plaque, tartar, gingivitis and how to keep teeth healthy.

Doctor pointing to a knee x-ray

Why a Trip to Outer Space Could Be Bad for Your Bones

Astronauts can experience bone loss in space. To understand why, you need to know a bit about how bones are formed and maintained in your body.

Dietitian Sorting Out Food Groups

Careers: Dietitian

5 images of some work that a dietitian might do such as educating patients about how food affects their health

Winnica Beltrano | Fondatrice et conseillère principale, Project Pulse Winnipeg

Winnica Beltrano

Founder & Principal Advisor

Winnica Beltrano is the Founder & Principal Advisor at Project Pulse Winnipeg.
Ben Sit | Diététiste

Ben Sit

Registered Dietitian

Ben Sit is a registered dietitian, providing advice about nutrition and physical activity, in Ontario.
Kelly White | Massothérapeute autorisée

Kelly White

Registered Massage Therapist

Kelly White is a registered massage therapist in Newfoundland.