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Chemical Equilibrium

Hand writing chemical equations

Chemical Equations

Learn about how to write and balance chemical equations.

Test tubes with colourful liquids

Evidence of Chemical Change

Learn how to tell if a chemical reaction has taken place.

Cartoon of people cleaning teeth

How can chemistry help you take care of your teeth?

What are your teeth made up of? What chemistry is at work in your mouth? Why do some people get cavities even if they brush regularly?

Woman having a panic attack

Chemical Equilibrium and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are scary and they upset your body’s chemical equilibrium. Learn what happens to acids & bases in your circulatory system during a panic attack.

Opening can of pop

The Chemistry of Pop

There’s a lot of cool chemistry in a can of pop! Learn how solubility, chemical equilibrium, acids & bases and gas laws work in some of your favourite drinks.