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Frothing water

Earth Month: Water

Discover the issues surrounding water today, and learn what you can do to help.

Astronaut standing on Mars with Earth in the background

Earth vs. Mars

Learn about the characteristics of the Earth and Mars, two planets in our Solar System.

Cross-section of the Earth showing layers.

Why does the Earth have Layers?

An in-depth look at how the Earth got its layers.

Research in a genomics lab

Genomics Resources

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to genomics.

Coiled copper wire

Why Wires?

Learn about how wires are produced and used.

Hands holding a hot mug

AI and Personal Vehicles

Learn how artificial intelligence systems are integrated in the vehicles we drive.

Mars Perseverance rover

Exploration of the Planets in the Solar System

Learn about how spacecraft have helped us learn about our Solar System.

Robot thinking about a problem

What is Machine Learning?

Discover how computers can learn and find out about the three types of machine learning.

Medical image of the brain using Technetium-99m

Innovations in Nuclear Technologies

Learn about why Canada is a world leader in nuclear technology.

Hands holding a hot mug

Introduction to Heat Transfer

Learn about the different ways that heat is transferred.

Chatbot virtual assistant

AI and Human-Computer Communication

Learn about how artificial intelligence and machine learning help us communicate with computers.

Young woman and smart phone with facial recognition

AI and Computer Vision

Learn about how computers see and learn to recognize objects and human faces.

Our climate is changing

Introduction to Climate Change

Learn more about the causes and impacts of global climate change.

Water treatment plant near Kitchener, Ontario

Water Treatment

Learn about how water is treated at municipal water treatment plants.

Road construction in winter

Heavy Equipment in Winter

Learn how people keep heavy equipment working in the most challenging conditions