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Children climbing a hill of hay bales

Resiliency on the Career Path

Students will learn about career resilience by reviewing career profiles on the Let’s Talk Science career resource website

building a website

My STEAM Portfolio Website

Students will create a personal website to demonstrate the STEAM skills and concepts they have learned in class/school.


Computational Thinking

This backgrounder looks in depth at Computational Thinking (CT) and why it is important for today's students.


What is an Insect?

The What is an Insect? e-book explores the amazing world of insects while showing the characteristics and diversity of insects.

3D representation of a portion of human female brain

Clay-Adams Brain

This brain model helped doctors better explain things to their patients. Learn about this Ingenium artifact and make your own version using 3D printing!

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Zoetropes are an early form of animation technology. Learn about this Ingenium artifact and make your own version of this artifact using 3D printing!

Telegraph key used in Metcalfe, Ontario telegraph office (Ingenium)

Telegraph Key

The telegraph works by transmitting signals through an electrical circuit. Learn more and print your own telegraph key using this 3d model of a real artefact.

Replica of the earliest wooden model stethoscope

Stethoscope Replica

Using stethoscopes, doctors can use sound waves to detect various health issues. Learn how this device has evolved since it was invented in 1816!