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Engineering Design Process

portrait par Shawn Fisher

Shawn Fisher

Career Profiles

CEO and Co-Founder

I advance sustainable food production at the point of consumption by inventing smart farming appliances.
3D printed rectangular plastic device with channels running through it and holes where valves can be plugged in.

Scott Baker

Career Profiles

Mechanical Designer

I design physical parts and small machines and I create prototypes that we can quickly test.
Mohamd Imad headshot

Mohamd Imad

Career Profiles

Vehicle System Diagnostics and Controls Calibration Specialist

I work with the electronics, wiring and software of super cool General Motors vehicles.
Logan Oldstar Arcilla

Logan Oldstar Arcilla (he/him)

Career Profiles

General Manager, Robotics and Technology Programs

I develop robotics programs for Indigenous youth using the FIRST robotics model.
Hammer and nails

Which Fastener is Best?


Students will learn about the different types of fasteners to investigate which fastener is best for a particular material or job and why.

Bee exiting a bee house

Design & Build a Bee House


Students will learn about the human impacts on bee populations as they design, test, build and observe a structure for solitary bees.