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Plant Growth

Brianna Lummerding kneeling by a plastic hoop in a grassy field collecting samples

Brianna Lummerding

Career Profiles

Agronomic Innovation Manager

I look after all things related to soil management for a group of retailers.
Soil and plant in hands

Experiment with plants!

STEM Explained

List of hand-on activities connected to plants

Seed-producing plants

Seed Dispersal


Students develop and apply the skills of observing, comparing, contrasting, sorting and classifying, to investigate how seeds move from place to place.

Life cycle of strawberry plant

Plant Life Cycle


Students develop and apply the skills of observing, comparing & contrasting, and communicating as they explore life cycles of familiar plants.

Seed Germinating

Plants: Germination

Picture Collections

6 images of some seedlings sprouting as one of the stages towards full plant growth

Early Stages Of Plant Growth

Plants: Growth

Picture Collections

10 images showing some stages of plant growth from planting to sprouts growing to harvesting

Dandelion seeds floating in the wind

Design & Build a Travelling Seed


Students will work collaboratively to design and build models of seeds that can travel as far as possible.

Linda Jewell | Chercheuse scientifique en phytopathologie

Linda Jewell

Career Profiles

Research Scientist in Plant Pathology

Linda Jewell is a Research Scientist in Plant Pathology at St. John’s Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.