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Plant Anatomy



Through Tomatosphere™, your students will investigate the effects of outer space on the germination of tomato seeds. This is a hands-on program that builds scientific inquiry and experimentation skills.

Plant Cells with Visible Chloroplasts

Specialized Cells of the Leaf System

Learn about the structure and function of the cells in leaves.

A variety of plants

Parts of a Plant

What are the main parts of plants and what functions do these parts they serve for plants?

Water droplets on succulent leaves

How Do Plants Survive in the Desert?

Plants need to exchange gases and water with their environment as part of photosynthesis. Some plant cells have evolved specifically for this purpose.

Seeds of a pomegranate fruit

Plant Reproduction

Learn about pollination and other forms of sexual reproduction in plants. And did you know that plants can also reproduce asexually?


Flowers: Trumpet Shape

5 images of some flowerheads such as petunias and lilies that start as a narrow base and widen to an open shape


Flowers: Radial Shape

7 images of some symmetrical flowerheads such as asters and sunflowers whose petals radiate from the centre of the flower


Flowers: Irregular Shape

3 images of some asymmetrical flowerheads such as an iris and an Orchis Sima or Monkey Orchid

Water Lily

Flowers: Cup Shape

8 images of some flowerheads such as roses and water lilies whose outer petals are longer than the petals in the centre of the flower