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Marty Larabie scuba diving

Marty Larabie (he/him)

Radiation Inspector

I perform radiation safety inspections of persons who use nuclear material.
Cory Nykiforuk

Cory Nykiforuk

Director, Pipeline Research

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

CEO, Co-Founder

Luana Langlois travaillant dans une hotte de laboratoire

Luana Langlois

Graduate Student (Biology)

Luana Langlois is a Graduate Student (Biology) at Western University.
Maria Quadir

Maria Quadir

Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate

Maria Quadir is a Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate for Amgen Canada.
Pavlova meringue with fruit

Meringue: The Science Behind a Wonderfully Fluffy Dessert

Learn about the biochemistry of cooking meringue.

Weighing the hops

Hop To It! The Science Behind Beer

Brewing beer involves a series of complex biochemical reactions.