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Allison Guitor in her lab at McMaster University.

Allison Guitor

Researcher - Antibiotic Resistance

I study antibiotic resistance, which is what makes bacteria able to live in the presence of antibiotics.
Working at laptop with stethoscope on desk

Summer Symposium Series: Health Sciences Career Resources

A career in the health sciences would let you help people directly in a very 'hands-on' way!

Marianne Torres-Heckford in laboratory

Marianne Torres-Heckford

Microbiology Technologist

I provide technical assistance to the University of Winnipeg Biology Department teaching and research labs.
Image is of a close-up of the Yellow Fever virus.

Resources on Immunology

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to immunology.

Jessica Lam au travail dans son laboratoire

Jessica Lam

Lab Manager (Infectious Disease Research)

Jessica Lam is a Lab Manager (Infectious Disease Research) at the University of Toronto.
Photo de Rosadelle Tirados à son bureau

Rosadelle Tirados

Biomedical Scientist

Rosadelle Tirados is a Biomedical Scientist for the National Health Service.
Assortment of the bacteria Escherichia coli

Introduction to Bacteria

What exactly are bacteria? What types of bacteria are there? And are they really as bad as people think they are?

Cartoon of people cleaning teeth

How can chemistry help you take care of your teeth?

What are your teeth made up of? What chemistry is at work in your mouth? Why do some people get cavities even if they brush regularly?

man sick with the flu

The Surprising Reason You Feel Awful When You're Sick

Viruses can make you feel awful! This article explains how feeling bad might be your immune system’s way of helping you heal.

An artist’s rendition of a bacteriophage

Phages vs. Antibiotics

Many doctors prescribe antibiotics to cure infections. But should they be prescribing viruses instead?

Electronic cigarette and traditional cigarettes

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Learn how e-cigarettes and other vaping products work, and why scientists and health professionals have concerns about their safety.

Image © TLFurrer,

Are Microbes Your Friend or Foe?

Microbes are everywhere, even in your digestive tract. Some of these microbes are helpful, and some aren’t.