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Unit A: Mix and Flow of Matter

Rolls of aluminum

Chemistry in the Aluminum Industry


Learn about the role of chemistry in the aluminum industry.

Student wearing a vr headset in a classroom

VR Career Exploration


Students will learn about virtual reality technology and explore careers using this technology.

Benjamin Pauquet

Benjamin Pauquet (he/him)

Career Profiles

Mechanical and Materials Engineer

I design parts for off-road and off-planet vehicles.
Benjamin Pauquet designing a part for the lunar lander on his computer

Benjamin Pauquet (video)

Career Profiles

Mechanical and Materials Engineer

I design parts for off-road and off-planet vehicles. Video audio is in French, English subtitles are provided.
Female electronics engineer runs tests on laptop

Exploring Careers in STEM Grade 8


Students will expand their knowledge of STEM career types related to a topic they are studying in science.

Chris Derksen en train de faire ses recherches sur le terrain en Arctique.

Chris Derksen (he/his)

Career Profiles

Climate Scientist

I use satellite data and climate models to understand how climate change is impacting snow and ice across Canada.
Shari Forbes à l'extérieur du centre de décomposition humaine

Shari Forbes (she/her/elle)

Career Profiles

Forensic Scientist

I conduct research to understand how the human body decomposes in our unique Canadian environment.
B-58 Hustler in flight

Testing for Aviation Safety


Learn about some of the ways that aircraft and spacecraft are tested.

Scale aircraft in a wind tunnel

Pre-flight Testing


Learn about some of the ways Aerospace engineers test new designs.

Patty Simpson

Patty Simpson (she/her)

Career Profiles

Environmental Coordinator

As the head of the Environment Department at a uranium mine, it is my responsibility to make sure that the mine does not pollute the surrounding environment.
Red jellyfish

Life in the Deep Sea


Learn about the unique creatures that live in deep sea ecosystems.

Four Harvard training aircraft

How Planes Fly


Learn about what gets planes up in the air, what keeps them up there, and what brings them down again.

Autoportrait de Jill Stagg pris sur le chantier

Jill Stagg

Career Profiles

Steamfitter Apprentice

As an apprentice steamfitter, Jill Stagg is expanding her skills at installing pipes that carry high pressure or dangerous stubstances.
Hot air balloons at dawn

Lighter Than Air Vehicles


Learn about history and workings of lighter than air vehicles.

Kaitlyn Hall

Kaitlyn Hall

Naval Architect

I design ships for a variety of purposes.