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Strand B: Matter and Qualitative Analysis

Shari Forbes à l'extérieur du centre de décomposition humaine

Shari Forbes (she/her/elle)

Forensic Scientist

I conduct research to understand how the human body decomposes in our unique Canadian environment.
Test tubes with colourful liquids

Evidence of Chemical Change

Learn how to tell if a chemical reaction has taken place.

Heating a liquid over a flame in a lab

Types of Chemical Reactions

Learn about the four main types of chemical reactions.

Electroplating equipment

Chemical Reactions: Conditions & Speeds

Learn about the special conditions that let some chemical reactions take place.

What speeds up a chemical reaction?

What speeds up a chemical reaction?

Learn about the role of yeast in this fun decomposition reaction.

What is an exothermic reaction?

What is an exothermic reaction?

Things are heating up! Explore the temperature change that occurs in an exothermic reaction and the role of catalysts is this chemistry activity.

Soapy hands

Stupendous Suds

Every time you wash your hands with soap, there are complex chemical reactions taking place.

How can I make a volcano?

How can I make a volcano?

Create a model of an erupting volcano and learn about the structures of a stratovolcano in this hands-on activity.

Blue whale swimming

Can Whales Really Explode?

When deceased whales wash up on shore, people fear they might explode. Gas laws, decomposition reactions and organic chemistry can help us understand this fear.