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Skeletal System

L. Creighton Avery looking at specimen using a microscope in her lab.

L. Creighton Avery


I examine human skeletal remains from archaeological sites to learn about their lives.
Anatomical images of different animals

Musculoskeletal Systems in the Animal Kingdom

Learn how animals move themselves with the help of their muscles and skeletons.

 Physiotherapist helping a patient to walk



Former Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk enjoys cycling on board the ISS

Spaceflight and Bone Loss

Astronauts can experience bone loss in space. To understand why, you need to know a bit about how bones are formed and maintained in your body.

Image © exdez,

How Can Your Doctor Use the Data in You?

Scientists are training artificial intelligence to diagnose injuries using x-rays and other medical imagery of you (and millions of others). What improvements and other changes might this bring to the health care system?

Lac-Mégantic fire on the day of the train derailment

CSI Lac-Mégantic: How are victims identified after a disaster?

Learn about forensic pathology and other methods scientists use, like analysing the skeletal system, to identify the dead after a disaster.

Murray Clayton | Forensic Anthropologist

Murray Clayton

Forensic Anthropologist & Outreach Coordinator

Murray Clayton is a Forensic Anthropologist & Outreach Coordinator for the University of Toronto Mississauga.
Norbert Lake | Chiropraticien

Norbert Lake

Chiropractor and Healthcare Consultant

Norbert Lake is a Chiropractor and Healthcare Consultant at Dynamic Physio and Wellness.
Simon Cooke | Physiothérapeute, Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy

Simon Cooke


Simon Cooke is a Physiotherapist for Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy.
Steph Halmhofer | Bioarchéologue

Steph Halmhofer


Steph Halmhofer is a Bioarchaeologist for In Situ Anthropological Consulting.
Shakib Rahman | Assistant de recherche

Shakib Rahman

Knee and Hip Clinic Research Assistant

Shakib Rahman is a Research Assistant at the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute.