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Arctic Animals

Frobisher Bay near Baffin Island

Arctic Tundra Biome

Learn about the location, plants, animals, human impacts and conservation of the arctic tundra biome.

Arctic ocean

All About the Arctic: the ArcticNet Mini Conference

This mini-conference gathers scientists who are part of the ArcticNet scientific network and gives youth a chance to hear their latest findings alongside inspiring fieldwork stories.
Isabel Hilgendag in the fileld collecting samples in the Arctic

Isabel Hilgendag

MSc Student (Biology)

I look for heavy metals, such as mercury, in Arctic marine animals, to ensure they are safe to eat.
Anaïs Remili tenant un sac de poissons à étudier.

Anaïs Remili (she/her)

Whale Researcher

I am doing research on pollution in killer whales.
Arctic pack ice

Why Don't Fish Freeze in Cold Arctic Waters?

Ever wonder how fish survive in the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic? It’s partly because of a brilliant evolutionary adaptation.

How do animals hide?

How do animals hide?

Play a game of hide and seek to discover how animals can hide in plain sight!

Narwhals, polar bears and other common Arctic animals swim in the Arctic waters.  Image © id-work, iStock

How are Arctic Animals in Canada Affected by Climate Change?

Arctic animals have evolved to thrive in harsh arctic ecosystems, but the environmental footprint created by climate change is affecting their survival.