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Heat Transfer

Hands holding a hot mug

Introduction to Heat Transfer

Learn about the different ways that heat is transferred.

Casting hot iron

What Causes Hot Things to Glow?

Getting electrons excited by heat can cause certain materials to give off visible light when heated - like filaments in light bulbs.

Hurricane Katrina as seen from space

Where Do Hurricanes Come From?

Hurricanes are a kind of tropical cyclone. But where do they come from? And why do they cause so much damage? This article will answer all your storm-related questions!

A variety of lava lamps

Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are very interesting to look at. But they are also interesting examples of buoyancy, heat transfer and solubility!

A melting world-shaped glacier

What is Ocean Warming and Why Does It Matter?

Oceans absorb the greatest amount of solar radiation on Earth. Ocean warming can lead to glaciers melting and ocean acidification.

What is an exothermic reaction?

What is an exothermic reaction?

Things are heating up! Explore the temperature change that occurs in an exothermic reaction and the role of catalysts is this chemistry activity.

Digital Baking Thermometer

Tools: Thermometers

6 images of some instruments such as clinical and baking thermometers that have been designed to measure temperature for specific purposes

Thermal images of people and objects

Thermopower and the Body Heat-Powered Flashlight

Can your body be a source of electricity generation? Maybe, if you understand heat transfer. Explore this concept through a 2013 invention by a Canadian teen.

Hot sunrise in space

Temperature: On Earth and on the Space Station

This backgrounder explains what temperature is, how it is measured, how it affects people, and how it is controlled on the International Space Station.

Heat pump diagram

Tapping Underground Energy with Heat Pumps

Using the heat of the Earth’s interior, you can heat your home with a ground source heat pump. This kind of heating is cheaper and better for the environment!

How does nuclear power work?

Generating Electricity: Nuclear Energy

Learn how electricity is generated at a nuclear power generating station.

Kids camping

How Do Sleeping Bags Work?

How do our bodies get cold? How do sleeping bags keep us warm?

Polar bear and two cubs

How do animals stay warm in the winter?

Animals have some unique adaptations to stay warm. Discover what conduction of heat and insulation have to do with staying warm!

Above: Tires on a Boeing 737 (Wikimedia Commons/Politikaner)

How do an Airplane's Tires Help It Land Safely?

Manufacturing and engineering airplane tires is important work! Learn how airplane tires keep the aircraft safe during takeoff and landing.