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Generating Electricity

Green leaf inside

Earth Month: Green Energy

An overview of environmentally-friendly ways to generate electricity and power our vehicles

Vivek Chauhan

Vivek Chauhan

Program Advisor, Renewable Generation

Vivek is an electrical engineer who works for Ontario Power Generation.
Nimesh Patel

Nimesh Patel

Manager, Engineering Services

Nimesh Patel is a Manager of Engineering Services for Finning Canada.
Solar power illustration

Generating Electricity: Solar Cells

Learn how energy from the Sun can be used to generate electricity.

Coal and natural gas fueled generator near Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Generating Electricity: Fossil Fuels

Learn how energy from fossil fuels can be used to generate electricity.

Wind turbine and electrical cord

Generating Electricity: Wind Power

Learn how moving air can be used to generate electricity.

Neon sign of a fish in a bowl

Generating Electricity: Electric Animals

Learn about animals that generate their own electricity!

Carillon Hydroelectric Power Station, Saint-André-d'Argenteuil, Quebec

Generating Electricity: Hydroelectric Power

Learn how moving water can be used to generate electricity. This is called hydroelectric power generation.

How does nuclear power work?

Generating Electricity: Nuclear Energy

Learn how electricity is generated at a nuclear power generating station.

Bird near a wind farm

How do Wind Farms Affect Birds and Bats?

Wind energy generates a lot of electricity in Canada. But wind turbines can be dangerous for wildlife.