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Big Idea: The electromagnetic force produces both electricity and magnetism.

Rolls of aluminum

Chemistry in the Aluminum Industry


Learn about the role of chemistry in the aluminum industry.

Student wearing a vr headset in a classroom

VR Career Exploration


Students will learn about virtual reality technology and explore careers using this technology.

Engineers and architect looking at blueprints

Careers in Building and Design


Students explore careers that involve designing and building structures and devices.

Woman working on her laptop in a modern glass office

Exploring Careers in STEM Grade 7


Students will expand their knowledge of STEM career types related to a topic they are studying in science.

Hand writing chemical equations

Chemical Equations


Learn about how to write and balance chemical equations.

Heating a liquid over a flame in a lab

Types of Chemical Reactions


Learn about the four main types of chemical reactions.

Test tubes with colourful liquids

Evidence of Chemical Change


Learn how to tell if a chemical reaction has taken place.

Periodic Table with molecular model

Introduction to the Periodic Table of the Elements


Learn about the elements of the periodic table and how they are organized.

Electrical engineers at work

Engineering a Future Career


Students explore the different branches of engineering and discover the similarities and differences between them.

Creative ideas picture

Attributes and Skills of Innovators


Students explore the attributes and skills that can make someone a successful innovator.

Ethical hacker

Careers of the Future


Students will learn about potential careers of the future and create their own job description.

Colourful liquids and periodic table

Describing and Classifying Matter


Learn about the physical and chemical properties of matter.

Rock climbers

How Can I Take Responsible Risks?


Students share examples of responsible risk-taking and reflect on how they can take risks.

Diver with branches

Taking Risks in Your Career


Students learn about different ways that people take risks in their careers.

Construction worker with house plan

Careers with Form and Function


Students explore careers that involve the concepts of form and function.