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Close up Businessman using calculator and cell phone for do math finance on wooden desk in office and business working background

Petter Wiberg (he/him)

Managing Director

I use my math and computer science background in the financial industry.
Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe headshot

Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Chartered Financial Analyst

I help small companies grow their business and succeed in the marketplace.
Peter Noel

Peter Noel

Business Development Partner

I help new financial advisors develop their skills so they can help their clients make good financial decisions.
Justin Pursaga

Justin Pursaga

Director & Program Lead

Justin Pursaga is the Director & Program Lead of Wawanesa Mutual Insurance.
Connor Doyle

Connor Doyle

Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Connor Doyle is the Manager of Regulatory Affairs for Olympia Trust Company.
Frank Ryan | Vice-président, régimes collectifs et pensions

Frank Ryan

VP – Group Benefits & Pensions

Frank Ryan is the VP of Group Benefits & Pensions for Ryco Financial.
Benjamin Klein

Benjamin Klein

Portfolio Manager & Director, Financial Planning

Benjamin Klein is a Portfolio Manager & Director of Financial Planning for Baskin Wealth Management.
Sandra Sproule | Comptable professionnelle agréée (CA) chez ExxonMobil Canada

Sandra Sproule

Chartered Professional Accountant

Sandra Sproule is a Chartered Professional Accountant at ExxonMobil Canada.
Marieve Lavigne | Gestionnaire, expansion des comptes, Groupe Desjardins

Marieve Lavigne

Manager, Account Development

Marieve Lavigne is a Manager of Account Development for Desjardins Group.
Hilary Foulkes | Geologist/Chair | TPH Canada

Hilary Foulkes


Hilary Foulkes is a Geologist/Chair for TPH Canada in Alberta.
Ingrid Fung | Analyste principale

Ingrid Fung

Senior Analyst

Ingrid Fung is a senior analyst at Verdex Capital in Ontario.
Scot Ryan | Conseiller financier

Scot Ryan

Financial Advisor

Scot Ryan is a Financial Advisor for Ryan Financial, located in Newfoundland.
Erik Blachford | Investisseur en capital-risque

Erik Blachford

Venture Capital Investor

Erik Blachford is a venture capital investor in California, USA.