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Marine Pollution

Frothing water

Earth Month: Water

Discover the issues surrounding water today, and learn what you can do to help.

Factory smokestacks

Let's Talk Pollution Resources

Discover a set of resources designed to get you thinking about pollution.

Anaïs Remili tenant un sac de poissons à étudier.

Anaïs Remili (she/her)

Whale Researcher

I am doing research on pollution in killer whales.
Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV)

Human Exploration of the Deep Ocean

Learn about how humans explore the deep ocean and what they have learned.

Ashley Noseworthy avec l'océan derrière elle

Ashley Noseworthy

CEO/Founder of Edgewise Environmental

I own and operate an environmental consultancy that helps companies reduce their underwater noise pollution.
Coral reef

Coral Ecosystems

Learn about coral ecosystems and why they are important as well as what you can do to help keep them healthy.

Plastic drinking straws

We Use a Lot of Plastic

What are microplastics? How are plastics polluting aquatic ecosystems?

Photo de Thomas Anstey arborant son diplôme d'études

Thomas Anstey

3rd Officer/Junior DPO

Thomas Anstey works as a 3rd Officer/Junior DPO in the Great Banks of Newfoundland.