Aira Fusilero Villanueva

Founder E-Waste Recycling
E-Waste Manitoba and Fleur de Fusilero
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Education Pathway

Outside of work I

I love napping, playing saxophone and watching Korean dramas and giant panda videos! I volunteer with Let's Talk Science as well and play badminton.

Outside of work I
My career path is

In high school, I wanted to be a jazz musician. I did not expect to be studying STEM in university at all. I only really liked mushrooms and plants. The laboratories in first year university kept me motivated to stay, though. To be honest, you can be a florist by watching YouTube videos of people teaching you. That is how I became a florist. You do not actually need any licensing. With that said, I do study biology of vascular plants and plant chemistry.

My career path is
My advice to others

Be gritty.

My advice to others

About me

I was born/grew up in: Alcala, Pangasinan, Philippines

I now live in: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I completed my training/education at:  Integrated B. Ed. / B. Sc. University of Winnipeg (anticipated graduation 2023)

About me

I am motivated by

In my work as a florist, I am excited whenever I open the flower boxes when they arrive. I am also excited when the community comes together and helps me pick up e-waste such as laptops. Some of the laptops are still in working condition. We refurbish them and donate to those who need them. It is interesting that the average Canadian upgrades their phone every 2 years. I enjoy explaining that if your smartphones are still in working condition, you should still keep using them. Right now, I am busy everyday with E-Waste Manitoba and Fleur de Fusilero. I am glad I am doing it though because it keeps me motivated to keep going!

I am motivated by
How I affect people's livesI am still a university student. E-Waste Manitoba and being a florist are my part time jobs. They are both fulfilling because I know that I am making the world cleaner and happier. Flowers bring happiness to people who receive them! Keeping e-waste out of landfills helps protect the environment. It also supports sustainable development.
How I affect people's lives
What I do at work

Currently, I am a full time university students who has created two businesses. In my florist business, I am the only employee. I purchase stock, advertise and market my products. I keep inventory and manage my books.  E-Waste Manitoba does not have any other employees either. I do marketing, graphic design, and run the outreach committee. EVERYTHING! At my job, you must be able to create scientific infographics that are readable by lay people. This means that your resources have to be credible and that your statistics are up to date. You do not need any specific scientific knowledge except to be able to present information clearly. You also need to be able to teach others about electronic waste. This includes why it is bad, where it ends up, and how to combat this problem. Finally, you also need to teach the 3 R's.

At work, I use languages that I am familiar with such as French and Tagalog to create graphic materials to share. Studying biology and chemistry helps me explain the toxicity of e-waste. It also helps me understand the plants I use as a florist. My science background also helps when I ask for partnerships from various organizations. It also helps me to be better at time management.

What I do at work
When I was a student, I enjoyed:
  • Drama
  • Foreign Languages
  • Music
  • Geography
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Physical Education / Health
  • Science
When I was a student, I would have described myself as someone who:
  • Always wanted to be outside
  • Organized activities for my friends
  • Played on a sports team
  • Enjoyed working with my hands
  • Was motivated by success
  • Wanted to be in charge
  • Liked being given specific instructions
  • Liked being given free range to explore my ideas
  • Engaged in volunteer activities
  • Was really creative
  • Felt great satisfaction in getting good grades
  • Wasn't sure what I wanted to do
  • Engaged in activities such as fishing
  • Learned Best by Doing

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