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Monica Seger

Medical Affairs Director, Oncology (Retired)
Bayer healthcare
Monica Seger | Directrice des affaires médicales, oncologie
Monica Seger | Directrice des affaires médicales, oncologie
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Monica Seger was a Medical Affairs Director, Oncology (Retired) at Bayer healthcare.

About me

I was born/grew up in: Toronto, ON

I now live in: Toronto, ON

I completed my training/education at: BSc at Queens in Life Sciences and PhD at McGill in Experimental Medicine. I also did 2 postdocs in US and Holland.

What I do at work

In my most recent role, I provided medical strategy for a drug for advanced prostate cancer. I worked on the global medical affairs study program and provided medical expertise for commercial issues. I also planned and led scientific advisory boards with key thought leaders. Finally, I led medical affairs activities for publications.

When I worked at Bayer, I held various roles of increasing responsibility within the Canadian Medical Department. As a member of a global team, I supported regional activities by training, mentoring and advising. I used German and French in the workplace. As I advanced in my career, different opportunities opened up to me. With new opportunities came new challenges. I found that a great part of my work life.

My career path is

When I was in high school, I loved science and I expected to go to university and do academic research. Later, I found that I also enjoyed teaching, writing and talking about new basic science and clinical findings. My entry into the pharma industry proved to be a very good fit as I was able to address each of these areas. I developed new skills there and got a lot of good training. I was able to be part of research teams and work with the data. I wrote reports and summaries. As I progressed in my career, I got to work with younger employees where I mentored and shared my knowledge with them.  Over the years, I had several mentors who encouraged and influenced me. I found that the best way to overcome challenges is by thinking about them and consulting others about how they would handle them. I learn well from experience.

I am motivated by

Learning new things and then translating them to other people is exciting. Interpreting data and getting the opinion of leading doctors on the findings is very interesting.

How I affect peoples’ lives

I enjoy mentoring new/younger employees and helping them progress in their career. I enjoy working with people from other countries. I enjoy advancing the science and eventually allowing doctors and other healthcare professionals to improve patients' lives.

Outside of work I

My Other interests include travel, music, sports (tennis, hiking, fitness), and cooking. I do/did several volunteer activities. I volunteer with the outreach program of Let’s Talk Science. I was involved in building houses in Nicaragua through the Bridges to Community organization. I support the Canadian Diabetes Association.

My advice to others

Learn as much as you can about the possible roles available in the company and think carefully about how to position yourself as a good candidate.

When I was a student, I enjoyed:
  • Foreign Languages
  • Literature and Language Arts
  • Math
  • Physical Education / Health
  • Science
When I was a student, I would have described myself as someone who:
  • Brought People Together
  • Liked helping people
  • Organized activities for my friends
  • Played on a sports team
  • Was motivated by success
  • Wanted to be in charge
  • Liked being given free range to explore my ideas
  • Engaged in volunteer activities
  • Liked reading
  • Felt great satisfaction in getting good grades
  • Always knew what I wanted to do


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About Bayer

Let's Talk Science appreciates the support of Bayer Canada in connecting us with this individual.

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and nutrition. Its products and services are designed to help people and planet thrive by supporting efforts to master the major challenges presented by a growing and aging global population. Bayer is committed to drive sustainable development and generate a positive impact with its businesses. At the same time, the Group aims to increase its earning power and create value through innovation and growth. The Bayer brand stands for trust, reliability and quality throughout the world. In fiscal 2020, the Group employed around 100,000 people and had sales of 41.4 billion euros. R&D expenses before special items amounted to 4.9 billion euros. For more information, go to the official website.

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