Toy alphabet

What's in a Name?

Students develop and apply algebraic reasoning, spatial sense/reasoning and communicating skills as they explore the math, science and technology in their name.
Children’s play mat with pictures of a road and landmarks

Rosie's Walk

Students develop and apply communicating, sequencing and spatial reasoning skills as they create and navigate a maze to get Rosie the Hen safely home for lunch.
Two children listening to sounds (Helgi Halldórsson [CC BY-SA], Wikimedia Commons)

Sound Travels

Students develop and apply comparing & contrasting and observing & predicting skills as they explore how sound travels.
Hammer and nails ©Andy Gries, Pixabay

Which Fastener is Best?

Students develop Planning (selecting and using materials) and Communicating skills as they investigate which fastener is best for joining different types of recycled materials to make a useful object.
Water slides © Michal Jarmoluk, Pixabay

How Surfaces Affect Motion

Students develop and apply predicting, planning a process and analyzing & interpreting skills as they design and conduct a fair test of how surface properties affect object movement.
hand holding soil

What is Inside Soil?

Students develop and apply observing and comparing & contrasting skills as they explore the composition and characteristics of different soils.
Swivel hook fastener © PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Finding Out About Fasteners

Students develop and apply sorting & classifying, comparing & contrasting and communicating skills as they examine different kinds of fasteners and their uses.