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Physical Education

Nicole Redvers headshot

Nicole Redvers (she/her)

Associate Professor and Director of Planetary Health

I carry out Indigenous health research and support Indigenous communities and organizations in their health research needs.
Shelina Babul

Dr. Shelina Babul (she/her)

Associate Director, BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit

My work covers all causes of injury, from falls, motor vehicle crashes and poisonings to sport-related injuries.
Michaella Chemello cuisinant et servant des crêpes au Stampede de Calgary

Michaella Chemello

Engineer in Training (Civil)

I am a Civil/Structural Engineer-In-Training at Fluor Canada.
Eddie O'Keefe dans un cart de golf

Eddie O'Keefe

Guidance Counsellor

Luke Ingersoll en tenue de plongée

Luke Ingersoll

Occupational Diver

Luke Ingersoll is a diver, the owner of TayAus Diving Ltd., working in the aquaculture industry.
Michael Ryerson participe à une course sur route

Michael Ryerson

Registered Massage Therapist

Michael Ryerson is a Registered Massage Therapist at Ryerson Massage Therapy.
Camion de transport sur le lieu de travail de Kevin

Kevin Donovan

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Donovan is the Chief Operating Officer for McConnell Transport Ltd.
How much power is generated when climbing a set of stairs?

How much power is generated when climbing a set of stairs?

Put on your running shoes and sharpen your pencil! Investigate the mathematical connection between work and power in this hands-on activity.

How fast can you react?

How fast can you react?

What is a reflex? Test your reaction time and find out why reflexes are important in this challenge activity.

Dean Simon | Diététiste agréé, consultant privé

Dean Simon

Registered Dietitican, Private Consultant

Dean Simon is a registered dietician and private consultant.
Brittany Marchand | Golfeuse professionnelle LPGA

Brittany Marchand

Professional Golfer

Brittany Marchand is a professional golfer for the Ladies Professional Golf Association.
Mike McDonald | Fondateur-directeur général de Recess Guardians de la Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Mike McDonald

Founder/Executive Director

Mike McDonald is the Founder/Executive Director of Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians.
Ben Sit | Diététiste

Ben Sit

Registered Dietitian

Ben Sit is a registered dietitian, providing advice about nutrition and physical activity, in Ontario.
Simon Cooke | Physiothérapeute, Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy

Simon Cooke


Simon Cooke is a Physiotherapist for Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy.
Kelly White | Massothérapeute autorisée

Kelly White

Registered Massage Therapist

Kelly White is a registered massage therapist in Newfoundland.