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Jo-Anne McArthur photographing hog in pen.

Jo-Anne McArthur (she/her)

Photojournalist, Founder

I operate a non-profit media organization that shows the lives of animals in pictures.
Bee pollinating blueberry flowers

Bee Helpers

Students will learn about the importance of bees and the human impacts on bee populations.

Lynn Henderson avec un chien berger allemand

Lynn Henderson (she/her)

Veterinarian, Clinician, and College Professor

I am a small animal veterinarian serving animal health in a variety of capacities.
Dre. Kayley McCubbin

Dr. Kayley McCubbin

Research Veterinarian

Unlike veterinarians who take care of pets, I do research to help improve the health of dairy cattle.
Nia Gibson avec Collin, une tortue mouchetée

Nia Gibson

Learning & Engagement Coordinator

Aerial view of a wetland

Introduction to Freshwater Wetlands

Learn about the geology, chemistry and ecology of freshwater wetlands.

Eric with hula hoop

ScienceXplosion - The Circle of Life

In this episode, Eric uses a hula-hoop to count and catalog all the creatures he finds in that space! Biodiversity represents the variety of living things in any ecosystem - including in your own backyard!

Kendall Wyman au travail à la clinique vétérinaire

Kendall Wyman

Emergency Receptionist & Veterinary Student

Kendall Wyman is an Emergency Receptionist & Veterinary Student at Atlantic Veterinary College.

What is an Insect?

The What is an Insect? e-book explores the amazing world of insects while showing the characteristics and diversity of insects.

Comparison of a brachiosaurus and a person

How Large Were Dinosaurs?

Students develop their observation and comparing and contrasting skills as they explore the size of dinosaurs.

Collection of toy animals including dinosaurs

What is a Dinosaur?

Students will use observing and sorting & classifying skills to learn that dinosaurs are extinct animals that share common characteristics.


Why are Guppies so Diverse?

Different members of a species can have different traits. You can see this in a species found at your local pet store - guppies!

Polar bear and two cubs

How do animals stay warm in the winter?

Animals have some unique adaptations to stay warm. Discover what conduction of heat and insulation have to do with staying warm!

How do animals hide?

How do animals hide?

Play a game of hide and seek to discover how animals can hide in plain sight!