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Collaborative Learning

Girl writing notes down onto a clipboard with another girl behind her.

Walk Around Survey

In this learning strategy, students walk around the room to gather information from their peers.

Carousel on a sunny day

Carousel Brainstorm

This strategy helps students generate ideas in response to prompts and build on the ideas of others.

Chat discussion icons

Say Something

This strategy helps students participate actively in group discussions.

Two students having a discussion

AB Each Teach

This strategy helps students identify key ideas from a text, video, or other content and share these with a partner.

 Four students putting their heads together

Three A’s Plus One

This strategy helps students develop collaboration skills by providing a structure for focused dialogue about a text.

Question mark on its side

Leading Questions

This strategy helps students solve a problem by asking each other leading questions.

Students discussing a subject in the classroom

Knowledge Building Circle

This strategy helps students co-construct collective knowledge.

The four 8's in a standard deck of cards

Crazy 8s

This strategy helps students to brainstorm ideas as a group.

Students working together

Working Collaboratively

Working collaboratively is the act of working effectively with other students and/or adults within diverse groupings. It is an essential part of conducting science.

Girl with raised hand


Communication is the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, and/or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else.

Two girls writing

Write-Around Discussion

This strategy helps small groups of students consolidate knowledge about a topic.

A student passing a paper

My Questions Round Robin

This strategy helps students develop and refine meaningful questions about content.

Students watching and listening to video

Deep Viewing

This strategy helps students to gather and summarize information from a video.

Collaborative learning

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is an approach to learning and teaching in which a group of students work together to achieve a common goal (e.g., to solve a problem, meet a challenge, answer a question, share learning). Collaborative learning requires a learning environment that is fluid and inclusive, and that supports independence and interdependence of students with each other and with the educator.

Group Talk

Group Talk

This strategy helps students share and listen to the ideas and questions of others