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Collaborative Learning

Three cartoon figures consulting

Troika Consulting

This learning strategy helps students find solutions with the support of a collaborative group.

Notes pinned to corkboard

Dot Polling

This strategy supports students in establishing priorities among a list of options, interests or actions.

Bumper stickers on an old car

Bumper Stickers

This strategy supports students in synthesizing their learning of a main idea or principle.

Children making a wish

Two Stars And A Wish

This learning strategy helps students in providing peer feedback.

A diverse group of students reading from notebooks and smiling

Gallery Walk

This learning strategy provides students with the opportunity to walk around a classroom, actively engaging with content and each other.

Venn diagram of differently coloured circles


This strategy helps students build relationships within a small group by identifying commonalities, distinctions, and areas of expertise.

Group of people brainstorming

First Turn, Last Turn

This strategy helps students collaborate and practice active listening by taking turns to offer insights without cross-talking.

Girl writing notes down onto a clipboard with another girl behind her.

Walk Around Survey

In this learning strategy, students walk around the room to gather information from their peers.

Carousel on a sunny day

Carousel Brainstorm

This strategy helps students generate ideas in response to prompts and build on the ideas of others.

Chat discussion icons

Say Something

This strategy helps students participate actively in group discussions.

Two students having a discussion

AB Each Teach

This strategy helps students identify key ideas from a text, video, or other content and share these with a partner.

 Four students putting their heads together

Three A’s Plus One

This strategy helps students develop collaboration skills by providing a structure for focused dialogue about a text.

Question mark on its side

Leading Questions

This strategy helps students solve a problem by asking each other leading questions.

Students discussing a subject in the classroom

Knowledge Building Circle

This strategy helps students co-construct collective knowledge.

A diverse group of students studying a set of papers spread out on a table

Four Corners

This learning strategy helps students to make decisions about a problem or question.