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Chemical Engineering

Mike Stanzel headshot

Mike Stanzel

Technical Sales Manager

I’m a sales professional who specializes in selling technical or scientific products.
Karissa Palinka headshot

Karissa Palinka (she/her)

Technical Engineer

Karissa is working to reduce our carbon footprint through the use of Small Modular Reactors.
Stephen Edison

Stephen Edison

Energy Transition Advisor

I use science and engineering to find solutions in support of energy transition and lower carbon. 
Juillet Alexandra Rincon Chacon utilisant un microscope pour examiner un échantillon.

July Alexandra Rincon Chacon

Laboratory Technician

I love to share my knowledge and passion for nanotechnology with youth.
Sombto Ibe

Somto Ibe

Engineer, Renewable Energy

Somto Ibe is responsible for ensuring that wind turbines and solar panels operate safely.
Martin Bush

Martin Bush

Climate Science Consultant

Martin Bush works on climate change and renewable energy policy and action.
Rebecca White

Rebecca White


Rebecca White is the CEO of Engineers of Tomorrow, located in Ontario.
Electrical engineers at work

Engineering a Future Career

Students explore the different branches of engineering and discover the similarities and differences between them.

Rachel Chow dans un énorme conduit

Rachel Chow

Wastewater Process Engineer

Krysten Rutherford

Krysten Rutherford

PhD Candidate, Oceanography

Krysten Rutherford is a PhD Candidate of Oceanography at Dalhousie University.
Brittany Marchand | Golfeuse professionnelle LPGA

Brittany Marchand

Professional Golfer

Brittany Marchand is a professional golfer for the Ladies Professional Golf Association.
Jessica Vandenberghe | Directrice de l’application des règlements, APEGA

Jessica Vandenberghe

Director of Enforcement

Jessica Vandenberghe is the director of enforcement at APEGA.