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Nervous System

3D illustration of a human brain

Resources on Brains

Resource page including articles, videos, and career profiles related to brains.

X-ray image of head in hands

Stress and the Brain

Stress is more than a feeling. Understanding the importance of stress can help you to manage it. It can even lead to an improvement in your mood and how you think!

Do you see a face in that electric socket? (michaeljmc, iStockPhoto)

Facial Recognition and the Brain

Learn how your brain recognizes faces and why you sometimes see them in places they don’t exist!

Field of tobacco plants, which are a source of nicotine

How do alkaloids cause addiction?

Alkaloids are found in some of the most addictive substances that humans consume. What are alkaloids, and how do they cause addiction?

Abstract image of brain connections

Neurons: The Building Blocks of Your Brain

How does your brain allow you to do and experience so much? It’s all because of the building blocks of your brain - neurons!

Namratt Joshi dans ses habits de graduation au doctorat

Namrata Joshi

PhD Neuroscience

Namrata Joshi has a PhD in Neuroscience and works with Moffitt Cancer Center.
heavy metal band

A Taste of Heavy Metal

Heavy metal is a term for some toxic chemical elements. They can cause problems like bioaccumulation, but are useful in nuclear medicine and medical imaging.

man sick with the flu

The Surprising Reason You Feel Awful When You're Sick

Viruses can make you feel awful! This article explains how feeling bad might be your immune system’s way of helping you heal.

woman with camera

Eye vs. Camera

The human eye lets us see the world by sending impulses to our nervous system. In many ways, it is very similar to other optical devices, including cameras.

Looking at a donut and a brain through a magnifying glass

How Sugar Affects the Brain

Consuming sugary foods and drinks activates your brain’s reward system - the same system that can cause addiction.

Snake with open mouth

How Snake Venom Kills… and Saves Lives

Snake venom can be dangerous for your circulatory system, nervous system or muscular system. But it can also be very useful in medicine.

Like trees, brains grow and develop

Understanding the Teen Brain

Teen brain development prepares teens for adulthood, but also affects their emotions.

Cocoa beans and cocoa powder

Can Chocolate Make Your Brain Work Better?

Researchers have found that consuming foods rich in flavanols is linked to more efficient blood flow, which can improve brain function.

Is feeling always believing?

Is feeling always believing?

Get your hands cold for science and explore the topic of sensory adaptation.