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Illustration of an astronaut standing on a grey moon with a Canadian flag, with space and stars in the background

Canada Goes to the Moon!

Learn about Canada’s new role in space exploration, what we plan to achieve on and around the Moon.

Bill Butler

Bill Butler

Business Owner

My company installs oil filtration systems on all types of diesel engines.
Amy King

Careers with Light and Sound

Students complete a jigsaw activity to learn about careers involving light and sound.

Creative ideas picture

Attributes and Skills of Innovators

Students explore the attributes and skills that can make someone a successful innovator.

Light bulb and cord in shape of a head

Light and Sound Inventions that Changed the World

Students will explore the societal impacts of inventions involving light and sound.

Recycled bottle bird feeder

Innovating with Form and Function

Students use their understanding of form and function to design an innovative object or device.

Students in a makerspace

Makerspaces for Educators

A makerspace is a collaborative space where anyone can create, tinker, invent and learn by making.

Taleithat (Tia) West | Directrice de laboratoire de recherche et développement

Taleitha (Tia) West

Research and Development Laboratory Manager

Taleitha West is a Research and Development Laboratory Manager for Chemical Plants in British Columbia.
Debi Larkin | Cheffe de l’innovation inspirée par le client, 3M Canada

Debi Larkin

Customer Inspired Innovation Leader

Debi Larkin is a customer inspired innovation leader at 3M Canada.
Colin Roos - CEO & Co-Founder

Colin Roos (Video)

Technology Entrepreneur

Colin Roos is a Technology Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.
Colin Roos | Directeur général et cofondateur

Colin Roos

CEO & Co-Founder

Colin Roos is an entrepreneur and engineering student with a passion for innovation, discovery and the outdoors.