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Nature of Science

Winston Campeau headshot

Winston Campeau

Researcher - Evolutionary Processes

I use computer simulations and math to research how animals' behavior changes when their environment changes.
Natasha Holmes headshot

Natasha Holmes

Associate Professor (Physics)

I study how people learn physics and how to structure physics courses to improve student learning.
Red-coloured tray of seedlings in soil

Sample Size And Reproducibility

Learn how scientists use sample size and reproducibility to develop experiments.

Two girls exploring plant life in the woods

Developing a Hypothesis

Learn what makes a good hypothesis, and how to develop one.

A measuring tape wrapped around a tomato

Precision and Accuracy

Learn about precision and accuracy and why they are important in science.

Tomato plants grow in a greenhouse

Bias and Sources of Error

Learn how scientists identify and minimize bias and sources of error to produce accurate results.

A tomato labelled with a question mark

Asking Testable Questions

Learn how scientists come up with experimental or testable questions.

Three types of tomatoes

Identifying Variables

Learn how scientists define independent, dependent and controlled variables in experimental inquiry.

Seedlings in various stages of growth

Setting Up a Fair Test

Learn how scientists set up fair tests using comparison and variables.

Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham

Research Scientist, Space Farming

Thomas Graham is a Professor at the University of Guelph.