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Roger Bragg à l'extérieur avec un VTT

Roger Bragg

Construction Electrician

Roger Bragg is a Construction Electrician, practicing in Newfoundland.
Three types of tomatoes

Identifying Variables

Learn how scientists define independent, dependent and controlled variables in experimental inquiry.

Frothing water

Earth Month: Water

Discover the issues surrounding water today, and learn what you can do to help.

Tomato plants grow in a greenhouse

Bias and Sources of Error

Learn how scientists identify and minimize bias and sources of error to produce accurate results.

Alex Himmelman devant l'immeuble où il travaille

Alex Himmelman

Atlantic Director

Alex Himmelman is the Atlantic Director for the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defense Association.
Student colouring a mandala

Math & Mandalas

In this lesson, students explore the connection between arts, math and mindfulness as they create mandalas.

Unrolling paper scroll

Annotated Text Scrolls

This strategy helps students comprehend large blocks of text by looking at and annotating the text in a continuous scroll format.

Chat discussion icons

Say Something

This strategy helps students participate actively in group discussions.

Two students having a discussion

AB Each Teach

This strategy helps students identify key ideas from a text, video, or other content and share these with a partner.

Student makes notes in a book he is reading

Marking Text

This strategy helps students make sense of the text they are interacting with.

Woman with Canadian flag near the ocean

Monitoring the Ocean with Radar

Learn about how a special type of radar helps monitor and protect Canada’s oceans.

TTC subway train

Planning for Equity in Public Transit

Learn about how we can use spatial analysis to plan for more equitable public transit.

Tomatoes of different shapes, sizes and colours

Tomato Taxonomy

A look at the taxonomic classification of the tomato plant and the origin, history and development of tomatoes.

Astronaut standing on Mars with Earth in the background

Earth vs. Mars

Learn about the characteristics of the Earth and Mars, two planets in our Solar System.

 Physiotherapist helping a patient to walk