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Les processus chimiques

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Introduction to Green Chemistry

STEM Explained

Green chemistry is a field that looks at the sustainability of products and processes designed by people.

Cars driving through thick smog

How Vehicles Pollute the Air


Learn how vehicles affect air quality, including their contribution to smog.

fuel cell car header

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles


Learn about vehicles that use hydrogen for fuel.

Heating a liquid over a flame in a lab

Types of Chemical Reactions


Learn about the four main types of chemical reactions.

Test tubes with colourful liquids

Evidence of Chemical Change


Learn how to tell if a chemical reaction has taken place.

Electroplating equipment

Chemical Reactions: Conditions & Speeds


Learn about the special conditions that let some chemical reactions take place.

Platinum crystals

Catalytic Converters

STEM Explained

Learn about how catalytic converters make vehicle emissions less harmful.

Hamilton Street Railway bus in downtown Hamilton, Ontario © Adam E. Moreira [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons

Fueling Internal Combustion Engines


Learn about the wide variety of fuels used in vehicles.

Hamilton, Ontario industrial area with Toronto skyline in the background

What are Greenhouse Gases?


This backgrounder explains what greenhouse gases are and how they contribute to climate change.

Several longhouse and other stone structures on Pamiok Island, in Ungava Bay, Quebec

The Dating Habits of Archaeologists

STEM Explained

Radiocarbon dating is a method of radiometric dating. Learn how archaeologists use carbon isotopes to find the age of organic materials at archaeological sites.

illustration of a hydrogen car

The History and Uses of Hydrogen

STEM Explained

Hydrogen’s tendency towards combustion is what makes it both a dangerous chemical element and a useful energy source.

Georgetown, Australia

How Did a Piece of Canada End Up in Australia?

STEM Explained

Learn how geologists used radioactive dating to uncover geology shared by both Canada and Australia.