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Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham

Research Scientist, Space Farming

Thomas Graham is a Professor at the University of Guelph.
Pamela Livingston | Biologiste de terrain

Pamela Livingston

Field Biologist

Pamela Livingston is a Field Biologist at DuPont Canada.
What makes soil hard and compacted?

What makes soil hard and compacted?

Explore how walking on soil changes how water soaks into the ground and why that matters to gardeners and farmers.

bees on frame held by beekeeper

How are the World's Bee Populations Doing?

Bees are important for agriculture. But bee populations face threats. This resource looks at Colony Collapse Disorder, herbicides & pesticides, and more.

Warren Bills | Développement numérique des entreprises agricoles

Warren Bills

Digital Farming Business Development

Warren Bills works on Digital Farming Business Development for Bayer Crop Science.
Linda Jewell | Chercheuse scientifique en phytopathologie

Linda Jewell

Research Scientist in Plant Pathology

Linda Jewell is a Research Scientist in Plant Pathology at St. John’s Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Greta Chiu | Rédactrice technique en agriculture

Greta Chiu

Agricultural Technical Writer

Greta Chiu is an agricultural technical writer for Kenna Communications.
Ingrid Fung | Analyste principale

Ingrid Fung

Senior Analyst

Ingrid Fung is a senior analyst at Verdex Capital in Ontario.
Larisa Morier | Monsanto Canada

Larisa Morier

Technology Development Data Manager

Larisa Morier is a Technology Development Data Manager for Monsanto Canada.
Kaleigh Gray | Associée de recherche/technicienne en sécurité chez Monsanto Canada

Kaleigh Gray

Research Associate/Safety Technician

Kaleigh Gray is a Research Associate/Safety Technician for Monsanto Canada.
Sylvie Cloutier | Chercheuse scientifique – généticienne moléculaire

Sylvie Cloutier

Research Scientist

Sylvie Cloutier is a Research Scientist with a focus in Molecular geneticist for Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.