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Strand B. Communication Technology Skills

Solar storm impacting satellite

How can you adapt communications to overcome interference?

Hands-on Activities

Challenge yourself to communicate through a simulated geomagnetic storm.

Desiree Newhook headshot

Desiree Newhook (she/her)

Career Profiles

Instructional Designer

I take hard-to-understand information and create simple and accessible learning experiences.
Cartoon doodles related to podcasts

Create Your Own Podcast


Students will learn about online content creation and create their own podcast.

Satellites orbiting Earth

Introduction to Satellites


Learn about the history, functions, and types of satellites.

Ella Chan

Ella Chan

Digital Media Outreach Specialist

Ella uses her creativity to explain science using videos.
Dispatcher's office


Emergency Medical Dispatcher

building a website

My STEAM Portfolio Website


Students will create a personal website to demonstrate the STEAM skills and concepts they have learned in class/school.