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Decisions and Perspectives

3D printed rectangular plastic device with channels running through it and holes where valves can be plugged in.

Scott Baker

Career Profiles

Mechanical Designer

I design physical parts and small machines and I create prototypes that we can quickly test.
Reverse check mark made from cubes with arrows

Flip It!

Teaching STEM

This learning strategy helps students gain new perspectives about an issue or topic and supports problem-solving.

Bull’s eye with three arrows in centre

Circle of Control, Influence and Concern

Teaching STEM

This learning strategy helps students identify challenges and then consider areas where they can focus attention on actions.

Illustration of a fish skeleton


Teaching STEM

This learning strategy helps students analyze the underlying cause and effect of problems.

Image header for Card Sort learning strategy - woman checking over post it notes affixed to a glass wall

Card Sort

Teaching STEM

This learning strategy helps students sort and categorize concepts based on meaning.

portrait de Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Career Profiles

Chartered Financial Analyst

I help small companies grow their business and succeed in the marketplace.
Jyoti Rani

Jyoti Rani

Career Profiles

Electrical Production Engineer

I troubleshoot problems with electrical equipment and cable routes on the ships we build.
portrait de Megan Coles

Megan Coles

Career Profiles

Pediatric Nurse

I care for the inpatients admitted to the medical-surgical units at my local children's hospital.
Young woman holding up a magnifying glass against a blue and red background

Data Privacy and You


Students will learn about data privacy and how to keep their personal data safe online.

Three cartoon figures consulting

Troika Consulting

Teaching STEM

This learning strategy helps students find solutions with the support of a collaborative group.

SIlhouette of a figure examining stars with a telescope

How could you build a refracting telescope using water as the lenses?

Hands-on Activities

Build your own refracting telescope using glasses of water as the lenses.

Glowing blue padlock among lines of binary code

How can you protect your personal information?

Hands-on Activities

Protect your personal information with different types of encryption.

Notes pinned to corkboard

Dot Polling

Teaching STEM

This strategy supports students in establishing priorities among a list of options, interests or actions.

Rover on the Moon

Can you design a rover that can survive on the moon?

Hands-on Activities

Design a lunar rover that can survive in the moon’s extreme environment.

Tree stumps

How would you replant a forest?

Hands-on Activities

Design a device that can plant seeds or trees to help grow a forest.